If you start or are curious about the world of surfing, this can be your best approach. We intend to provide you with the necessary elements to know and learn from this magnificent sport. We hope that at the end of reading this article you pique the bug of immersing yourself in surfing, to keep learning, that you have no more doubts and you throw yourself in the water.

Do you know what surfing is all about?

It is a sport that you practise in the sea, swims lying on a board towards the beach and when a wave comes you stand up and you slide on top of it. It is a very fun sport but also requires a lot of physical effort, come and get in shape now!

How was surfing born? A bit of history is not bad for you…


It seems to have been practiced about 500 years ago. It is said that in the eighteenth century in Hawaii, came the English James Cook and fixed on the natives glide over the waves using a wooden board. This had already seen him on one of his trips to Haiti, the natives pretended to arrive at the edge of the beach gliding on his “table” (a trunk of solid wood). The end is not happy, because Cook forbade them this practice and in revenge he was assassinated. So we can think that its origin was given in America. But it was until the twentieth century, 50 and 60 that it resurfaced and began to be popular on the coast of California and Australia thanks to the Hawaiian Olympian Duke Kahanamoku.

Surfing at present

Surfing at that time has nothing to do with what is currently practiced. The boards were solid wood, for some it was simpler and simple to do it that way. It is when Oscar Rodriguez appears in this story, pioneer in introducing new turns and techniques, while inventing new designs and materials for the tables.

Surfing wave

In Europe it is known again thanks to an Englishman, Jimmy Dix. He uses a plank he was given at the Hawaiian Surf Club to glide on the Cornish Beaches (1937). But it was until the end of the 50 ‘s that it became popular when some boys of surnames Rosnay, Barland and Little (surf legends) surfed in Biarritz. In Spain was Jesús Fiochi (Cantabria), who was in charge of repeating the feat of the French, and surfing for the first time in Santander towards the year 1963, comes into history as the first Spaniard to practice it. With it starts fashion all over the north coast. In the 70s it spreads throughout the rest of the country consolidated in the Canary Islands for the amount of beaches ideal for this sport.

Types of Surfing
Depending on the size of the table you can talk about:

Shorthboard, or short board surfing (1.50 to 2, 10m), the narrowest and finest are for more maneuvers but give you less speed.
Longboard or Plank, is the classic style of surfing. You use a board equal to or greater than 2, 75mm, they’re wider, thicker. With them you reach higher speed and make maneuvers smoother.

Depending on the waves where you practice it:

Types of waves

Surfing itself, is the one that you see generally, covers various styles and competitions.
Surf large waves, when you practice on waves over 2 m high.

and other variants:

Kneeboard, you use a short board and you surf on your knees, with fins.
The cork or Boogie board, the board is of foam (softer) measures 1 m and surfs lying and fins. This type of surfing has become very popular because it is less dangerous and allows you to do many maneuvers.
Paddle Surf, you’re standing aided by a shovel. You row more than gliding through the waves.
Jet Sky, Strap surfing or To-Win, you’re dragged by a water scooter. You do it to surf big waves. You must go to the table with straps.
Wind surfing, you take advantage of the force of the wind to glide by the sea, you will need a thick table with sail.
Kite surfing, your feet are subject to a small board (not surfing) and you are towed by a kite.

In this medium, they are always investigating to improve and innovate the techniques, designs and movements, even the poses of snowboarding and skateboarding have been introduced.

Surfing materials
The essential things you need to Surf are:

The table, is the queen of this sport and as such, I will speak to you in detail later.
A wetsuit, lycra or mixed, you use them to protect you from the low temperatures in the sea, blows, scrapes, etc. necessary for the surfing to be something nice. You must choose it by the temperature of the water on the beach that you go to surf. In winter better that they are long and thick, in summer short and finer.
Paraffin, is a kind of wax that you throw over the board so you do not slip. There are several types of paraffin and you should use them depending on the water temperature. You can replace it or supplement it with the Grip, which is a kind of rubber that also sticks to the board.
A magnificent beach with great waves and a lot of enthusiasm to learn surfing;D

There are many more accessories that I do not mention, they are more of decorative use and to your liking.

Choose your surfboard, is one of the transcendental steps to start the adventure surfing!

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