Dear Executives Turgalicia, I do not know if it has already reached his ears that the Galician surfing community is mounting a big stir in social networks requesting a rectification in a recent surf guide that have published.

Under the slogan “rectified”, the idea of transmitting in this claim is that those responsible for deciding the content of this guide have included some beaches that, in the opinion of those who spend the most time on the beach, should not be.

Gentlemen of Turgalicia, perhaps you ask yourselves why should certain beaches not be promoted in a guide if they are the heritage of all? Well, for several reasons. The first is that the beaches are more and more full of people who want to surf, and no, there are no waves for everyone. Surfing is not the futsal that you go to a pavilion and if you are busy looking for another. The waves sometimes are, some don’t. Sometimes they’re good, some aren’t. What does happen is almost always that there are too many people. Crowding, call him.

Indeed, if there are many people on a beach, you can go to another, but unfortunately surfing is not like basketball with a ball and a basket and you can play to dunk anywhere, although it may sound weird, not any wave is surfable. This brings us to the second reason why we should not promote all the beaches, because this intangible heritage that are the waves, or rather, knowledge of the conditions of when there will be good waves on certain beaches is the result of many hours invested in R & D (usually many kilometers and much wait). An arduous work of research on orientations, directions of the sea, of the winds, funds with the aim of finding a wave of quality that is not crowded. When they find them, they are known as “secrets” because they are out of the more generalized knowledge and therefore frequented by fewer people. Over time the secrets fade and everyone knows them, they do championships and they are massive, with the corresponding discomfort of those who enjoyed a wave not overcrowded.

Avoiding this overcrowding on some lesser-known beaches (yet) is the main reason why many Galician surfers ask for some waves to be removed from this guide. They are not crazy Antisystem reactionary who complain about everything, no, they are sensible people with a love to their waves that want to protect them from the wilder side of tourism. Do we remember the definition of sustainability?

Being sincere, enough Han (have we?) endured already. Have seen the public administration invest large amounts of money to promote surfing in Galicia through Pantin Classic (in my opinion and ignoring the ROI I think it can be a good strategy), and in those grotesque championships that pretended Place a launched in the “World elite” with Rías Baixas Pro.

However, they have not seen any serious attempt to invest euros in improving any of the many problems that surfers and their industry have in the community. They may not have stopped to think that surfers are people and appreciate that there is water in showers throughout the year. Nor is it any more to think that in some beaches disturb the buoys in summer and in others it becomes impossible to coexist between swimmers and surfers. Is it so difficult to regulate conflicting beaches on the busiest days of the summer?

If we are looking for the tourism excellence, the quality and those words that sound so beautiful and that you like to use neither would be more than the businesses that are dedicated to the exploitation of the surf as sporting and/or tourist product are regulated, at least minimally (I think that in both the surfcamps and the schools there are several aspects that can be improved). But before we reach excellence we should begin to guarantee certain minimums. Call me crazy, but I think the existence of a standardized regulation, no longer say national, but at least autonomous, is a basic. For those who do not know, to this day, every maritime Captain (provincial responsible) establishes the rules that “good” seems to him, with a completely arbitrary exploitation rates, as happens in a Coruña, which do nothing but help generate more conflict.

We have been giving blind clubs for many years to promote surfing, although I do not want to attribute to evil what can be explained with stupidity. Unfortunately with this guide have managed to hurt sensitivities, and have managed to take another step towards the dreaded turismofobia. You who are intelligent people and can understand that deep down the surfing community do not ask for more than sustainability for its beaches and waves.

Please, Turgalicia executives, rectify your guide and remember that the biggest tourist attraction in our community is the cordiality of our people. For tourists, clean and accessible beaches, Pulpiño and cold beer. And the waves, that seek them, that Habelas Hailas.

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