Welcome to the Playa Grande surf report. We are thankful for all of the resources that are available for surfers. You are seeing live information from MagicSeaweed.com and SurfLine.com.

Playa Grande is a great beach for beginner and intermediate surfers. You will find sandy bottoms along the main breaks and plenty of unnamed peaks that you can have all to yourself!

There are great options in the North End of Playa Grande as far as board rentals and surf lessons. Stop in and you’ll find boards to suit any style as well ding repair, rash guards, and general beach gear.

Many of the accommodations in Playa Grande are an easy walk to the surf. If you need to drive, you can find parking lots with attendants next to Hotel Las Tortugas and 1 block north of there next to Casa Costa Palmera. Take care to protect your belongings. Leaving bags or other items on the beach while you surf is not recommended.

General Playa Grande Surfing Info:

  • Playa Grande’s waves are mostly a series of beach breaks that are best in the 2.5 hours before and after high tide.
  • There is a reef break just south of the big rock separating Playa Grande from Playa Ventanas. Not recommended for beginner surfers.
  • As the swell gets larger, there is a second break off the submerged rocks outside the main break and Hotel Las Tortugas.
  • As waves begin to approach double overhead, they lose shape at Grande. Avellanas is a better option for those days when the swells are massive.

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