Playa Grande Estates is a mixed used community on the northern end of Playa Grande and immediately south of Playa Ventana.

Visiting Playa Grande Estates, you will find the Las Baulas National Park headquarters just inland from the largest beachfront parking area. Stop by to schedule a tour during nesting season. You should not go on the beach during nesting season without a guide.

There are many Playa Grande vacation rentals on the beach front section including Costa Palmeras. These homes can be rented through this site!

The main surf break is just in front of the main parking lot. There are usually multiple peaks, and those wishing to have more space should surf either immediately north or south of the crowded section. Pochotes is a nice surf break that is in front of the turtle sign to the south of the main break. You can also surf on the south end of the rock separating Grande from Playa Ventana.

If you want a good bite to eat, you can check out Mar Bar, PGI, and Ripjack. Restaurants in Playa Grande are posted separately.

Find your way to everything on the Playa Grande Map.

A nice beach option is to park at the second parking lot, north of the main one. You can set your towels down under the many palm trees for some nice shade.

Sunsets are awesome from Playa Grande Estates, especially on days when the clouds are headed out to sea.

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